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How to Read a Horoscope – Part 1
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Takes care of his brothers and sisters. BAD Coward, unlucky, ill health, friends and enemies will create troubles. BAD Responsible for his own downfall, if he involves in love affair after 34years of age his family will be badly effected. BAD If feeds himself in the name of religion, it will give bad effects such as loss of children.

BAD Jupiter is generally bad up to the age of 34th years. He may get son at the age of It is useless to make efforts to earn in abroad.

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BAD He may be a criminal or may strive for money and happiness in his old age. BAD Infamous. BAD Poor, opposes religion, does not believe in god. BAD Steep up and down, if work honestly, his family will be in all sorts of troubles.

If someone abuses such a person will be trouble and if he praises this person will be benefited. BAD though he has long life but bad for others.

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  • Guru Peyarchi Palangal Guru Peyarchi Prediction for Rishabha Rasi;

Problems in child birth, bad deed will be the cause of death. Mars Kuja has the general aspects plus it aspects the 4 th house from it and the 8 th house from it. So it can be said that Mars Kuja aspects 4 places: the house it is in, the 4 th from it, the 7 th and 8 th from it also. Jupiter Guru has the general aspects plus it aspects the 5 th and 9 th houses from it. Therefore Jupiter Guru too aspects 4 places, the house it is in, the 5 th from it, the 7 th and 9 th from it also. Saturn Sani has the general aspects plus it aspects the 3 rd and 10 th from it as well.

This unique type of aspecting has been well represented with the authoritative writings on which Jyotish is based. Same thing for Older people too.


Harmony never exists in family. Business man found it difficult to manage their staffs and customers. Business was not all that good and eventhough it was running, the profit was declining but the expenses were increasing esp. Even few had a tough time with respect to retaining of employees.

Students and Children had another ordinary year with small health related problems.

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Few might have lost their job also. Eventhough, the inflow was not good, the outflow of money was unstoppable. Even for ordinary disease we might have spend more than required. Medical expenses increase twofold. It was one of the worst period for people of Thula as the bad things were weighed more than good things during the last 1 and half year. Thula will enjoy this gury peryarchi well. Business will flourish and profits will double.

Health condition will improve drastically. Medical expenses will comes down. Woman will accumulate jewellery even in this period of high gold prices.

Long pending subha kariyam is on the cards. You can settle all the loans you bought last year if your prudent and cut unnecessary expenses. Also save for the second half which is not as good as the first half. Old people, now regain some strength and you will feel healthier. Unmarried can expect a marriage before October.

The Eighth House: About You

Woman will have cordial relationship with family. Its all good time till the end of December A girl will enter your life either as a lover or wife. If you try to buy a property or a house, it will happen only in this year. Foe will become friends during this year. Even few relatives who were not in talking terms will come to your house during the subha kariyam.

Help comes from all corners. Students perform better. Young Couples relationship will be exemplary and most of them will conceive and give birth during the next year. What is Yantra? But you can Pray Dakshinamurthy with Guru Gayathri to maximise the prevailing friendly environment. Kruni Hasthaya Dheemahi!!

For Employees:. All the bad effects of Guru was over. Now you will have a good time in office.

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  7. You will earn respect which was lost during the last few months. Superiors will acknowledge your work and will reward accordingly. Relationship with Colleagues will peak. Promotions and good increments will come to deserving people Sales and marketing people will have a good time. Their yearly targets will be achieved.

    You may be blessed with a baby.